What is a Sermon Podcast?

Sermon podcasts are video files of Pastor Cosby's weekly sermons that are made available to audiences via a website. These podcasts can be downloaded and watched on your computer automatically when a new sermon is published without the need to visit a specific web page again. After the podcast is downloaded to a computer, it can then be loaded onto a portable mp3 player (such as an iPod) or watched at your computer.

To automaticallly receive new sermons published by WABC, we have provided to you a description of how to subscribe to our podcasts utilzing the most popular methods currently on the market.

Using Itunes, v7.00 and above

  1. Download ITunes at the following web address at no charge. http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
  2. Install ITunes on your computer
  3. After installation of Itunes is complete, open Itunes and click on the Advanced tab on the main menu and select 'Subscribe to Podcasts".
  4. When the URL dialog box appears, copy and paste the following URL: http://www.wheelerbc.org/podcasts/wabc_podcasts_rss.xml and click "OKAY". You are now subscibed to automatically receive WABC's podcasts.

Using windows media player, v11.00 and above

  1. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player does not have a built-in podcast subscriber function like Itunes; however, if Windows Media Player is your player of choice, you can download the podcasts by performing the following steps.
  2. Download and install the following program to your computer.
    http://www.wheelerbc.org/podcasts/Juice22Setup.exe, or you can obtain the most current version of this software by visting http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/index.php
  3. After installation is complete, select Tools >Add a Feed.
  4. In the URL field, copy and paste the following URL: http://www.wheelerbc.org/podcasts/wabc_podcasts_rss.xml. You are now subscribed to automatically receive WABC's podcasts.
  5. Click Tools>Check All to download the podcasts.
  6. The downloaded files should automatically appear in Windows Media Player.

Using other media players

If you do not use the media players listed above, you can subscribe to the video podcasts by using the same downloadable program listed under Windows Media Player above or by visiting the following site for a listing of various other podcast reading software.


(Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church is not responsible for the content of external sites. Always read the set-up and help guides for new software).

When a new sermon for your podcast subscription becomes available your software will automatically download it. On completion you can watch the video podcasts on your computer or transfer it to your portable player to listen to later.